LIFE 2016 Symposium


Soil is a key component of terrestrial ecosystems and an essential source of goods and services for society. The quality of the same conditions the obtaining of food, wood, bioenergy, fibers and other agricultural and forestry products of great socioeconomic interest. Its ecological dimension is equally important given the influence of soil on biodiversity, carbon storage or the overall health of the planet. Despite its many values, humanity today faces unprecedented land degradation, with pollution being one of the most worrying aspects.

Ensuring the conservation and sustainable management of this natural resource has become a priority objective for the coming decades. And also in the common denominator of the LIFE projects that inspire this Symposium, focused on the recovery of contaminated soils. The accumulation of pollutants, a problem on a global scale, compromises the proper development of soil functions and their ability to supply goods and services. The approach to this problem is currently based on the application of innovative strategies and technologies that allow an effective detection of the problem, as well as in the monitoring of contaminants, risk assessment and, finally, the recovery or remediation of affected sites.

The Symposium is held within the framework of the following projects: BIOXISOIL (LIFE11 / ENV / ES / 000505), LIFE I + DARTS (LIFE11 / ENV / ES / 000547), RIVERPHY (LIFE12 ENV / ES / 000761) and has the financial contribution of the European Union LIFE program.