Drilling of boreholes. Soil and water sampling

From 17-21 February 2014, boreholes corresponding to the Zone GH being treated by in-situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) were carried out. The boreholes were conducted by the technical staff of the company Sondeos Peñarroya S.L.

Moreover, and in parallel to the implementation of the boreholes for the second injection zone, core samples obtained from these holes were taken. In addition, a surface soil sampling was carried out in the bioremediation zone.

On this week, and once the injection phase in the Zone E treatment ISCO is complete, a sampling of water from corresponding boreholes was performed.

The February 17, 2014 a second exploration with the geophysics technique of GPR was made in La CLICA, in order to check if changes resistivity terrain detected with GPR are related to pollution levels detected in the laboratory analysis.

In all the boreholes on the site of La CLICA water table depth was measured.

Moreover, the topographic survey of the new boreholes in La CLICA was performed by the technical staff of the company GESTOPO S.C