Attendance to Networking activities

As a part of Action D.1., Public awareness and results dissemination, several activities has been developed during October 2015


The 28th October 2015 was celebrated the III Meeting of LIFE+ projects on Soil remediation and site restoration, that took place in the CIEMAT institution. Partners of the BIOXISOIL project presented its most avanced results.

UPM presented the preliminary results of the works regarding i) the soil CO2 efflux registered in situ as a way of evaluating the remediation performance in the BIOXISOIL project, and ii) the calculation of the carbon footprint environmental indicator of different soil remediation technologies in the BIOXISOIL project.

Furthermore, the 29th October 2015 the UPM participated as a specialist member together with several representatives of the Central state Government in the Meeting “What´s new on contaminated soils?” that the CIEMAT institution hold in the frame of the occasion of the International Year of Soils.